Our people

Karen Fresson 


Chantel Gouges 

Chantel is our administration and bookkeeping assistant. 

Trent Scott 

Trent is our experienced bookkeeper and he also manages part of our superannuation business .

Max Morrell

Max has been an accountant adviser for a lot of years.  His clients’ welfare in every sense is the most important thing to him in business.  He is very focused on the success of his clients and gets a great deal of personal satisfaction from their success.  Believes utterly in the team environment and the team we have built within our business.  

Our values

We value a healthy successful lifestyle for everyone.  A healthy successful lifestyle is one that balances the needs of family, business and community and personal welfare.  We approach the needs of all our clients with these core values in mind.

Our clients

We have clients across a board range of service, retail, manufacturing and professional industries.  We have clients of variable size from sole traders to medium sized employers.  We have clients operating in a variety of business structures.  We have clients in Travel, IT, boating and marine manufacturing, farming, mining services, vehicle maintenance and a large number of administered superannuation funds.

Our partners

We have various partners to compliment what we do.

Our partners can provide specific services such as legal and financial advice in areas that may be required to suit your individual requirements for financial growth and success.

Please find out more about our partners 

Our services

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